Holland Hill Heroes Continue to Help the Community!

The 100th Day Food Drive has concluded! It was a tremendous success with all grade levels not only meeting, but exceeding the 100 item goal. The totals are as follows:

Kindergarten: 168 (Macaroni and Cheese)
First Grade: 144 (Tuna Fish and Mayonnaise)
Second Grade: 169 (Soup and Crackers)
Third Grade: 157 (Canned and Jarred Fruit)
Fourth Grade: 131 (Cereal and Oatmeal)
Fifth Grade: 127 (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
Staff: 142 (Snacks, Chips and Crackers)
Thank you to everyone who donated. With all of the generosity, Holland Hill definitely proved that we are heroes!
The folks from Operation Hope showed up in six cars to pick up all of the food and they were amazed and extremely thankful.

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