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The FEA and the Fairfield PTA Council are co-sponsoring an education forum to hear from the eight candidates running to represent Fairfield in the general assembly!

CANDIDATE FORUM ON EDUCATION: Wednesday, October 17th, 6-7 pm at Roger Ludlowe M.S. Auditorium

Why should you attend?

Education funding, regulations and policies are mostly set at the State level.  Recently, the general assembly has also begun taking up issues of school safety and whether or not public school funds should be diverted to for-profit charter schools.

Everything from the common core curriculum that students must study, regulations related to special needs students, state funding of our schools, and even the amount of standardized testing our children are subject to – are decided by State Senators and State Representatives!


Candidates invited to the moderated Q&A forum are (with the incumbent listed first):

28th Senatorial District:  Tony Hwang (R) and Michelle Lapine McCabe (D)

132nd Representative District: Brenda Kupchick (R) and Caitlin Clarkson Pereira (D)

133rd Representative District:  Cristin McCarthy Vahey (D) and Sally Connolly (R)

134th Representative District:  Laura Devlin (R) and Asley Gaudiano (D)


We hope that you will join us for this important and timely opportunity to learn each candidate’s views on education and how he or she will work to support our schools.

This event is open to the public. 

Election day for state offices is on Tuesday, November 6, 2018


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