Art in the Classroom

Art in the Classroom is a program that brings K-5 parents into the class to spend an hour or so explaining a piece of art and doing some type of associated activity. It may sound daunting, but no art experience is required!

Please read our Art in the Classroom Information Page.


Please be advised that the material available here for Art in the Classroom contains
information which is intended as ‘background’ for the volunteer presenter, but
which if read verbatim is likely inappropriate for elementary age children.
Please read the material closely before deciding what you will share as part of
your presentation.  Additionally, although it was our intent to completely
update and retype the information, time did not permit, therefore be aware that
you may find both spelling and punctuation errors in the .pdf


American Flamingo write up

Cave Art write up

Peaceable Kingdom write up

Van Gogh Sunflowers write up

Central Park Currier & Ives write up


First Grade:

Ballet School write up

Mona Lisa write up

Purple Robe write up

Sleeping Gypsy write up

Snap the Whip write up


Second Grade:

American Gothic write up

Brooklyn Bridge – Chrysler Building write up

Starry Night write up

Washington Crossing DE write up

Washington Portrait write up


Third Grade:

Aboriginal Art write up

Dance of Cranes write up

Egyptian Mummy write up

Nike Statue write up

Regard Peul write up


Fouth Grade:

Botticelli Primavera write up

Death of Socrates write up

Harvesters write up

Nightwatch write up

Salisbury Cathedral write up


Fifth Grade:

100 Cans Warhol write up

La Grande Jatte write up

Migrant Mother – Freedom of Speech write up

Persistence of Memory write up

Pollock Mural write up