Box Tops

This year, our goal is to earn $2,000.00 from Boxtops for Education – How can you help?


Clip – Clip Box Tops from hundreds of participating products and send them in labeled with your child’s classroom via backpack in a baggie or envelope. Each Boxtop is worth 10¢ when we redeem them from Box Tops for Education. Make it fun by using this collection sheet. 

– Tell your family and friends what Boxtops look like and ask them to clip and save them for you. This is a wonderful way for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Friends to support Holland Hill without buying anything they wouldn’t already buy.

Shop –
Shop at your favorite online stores through the Boxtops Marketplace and earn eBoxtops for Holland Hill!!.

·         Create a logon at

·         Designate Holland Hill Elementary School (zip code 06824) to benefit from your account

·         Visit Boxtops Marketplace after you logon and SHOP!


Each company at the Marketplace (there are 175 of them so far including Bare Necessities, Land’s End, and Anne Taylor) automatically deposits eBoxtops in Holland Hill’s account with every purchase you make when you login at and visit the marketplace. It is that easy to support Holland Hill while you buy what you want and need! (Tell your friends and family about this too…anyone can support Holland Hill by doing this).


Thank you for choosing to make a difference for our school with Boxtops for Education!