Direct Donation

Direct Donation Campaign-More than $12,000 raised…THANK YOU!

We asked, and once again, you answered. We are proud to share that Holland Hill families raised $12,314 during our Direct Donation Campaign! THANK YOU to the 132 families who donated. One hundred percent of the funds raised will go directly to our kids to provide them with cultural enrichment and field trip experiences as well technology that will be used in the library and classroom.

When your kids come home with a new interest in dancing or painting as a result of a performance or author presentation they saw during school or excitedly describe a field trip they experienced alongside their classmates, please know that YOU made this happen.

Thank you for making our kids’ experience at Holland Hill enriching, memorable, and fun!

Your donation would enable Holland Hill to give our kids:

  • Cultural Enrichment Opportunities such as musical and theatrical performances and visits from authors and poets
  • Field Trips to local theater productions, museums such as the Birdcraft Museum, service organizations such as the fire department and other unique experiences such as Sturbridge Village
  • Library, Media & Technology equipment and supplies that complement the traditional school curriculum such as document cameras for students to work on projects and smart boards for all classrooms
  • Classroom Grants so that teachers can enhance classroom activities with supplies for projects; many teachers end up buying these items with their own money if funding isn’t available

 All gifts will make a difference. You can always give to the school by clicking here