Junior Great Books

This year, the Holland Hill PTA is happy to offer the Jr. Great Books program to students in grades 1 through 5. Jr. Great Books is an elective activity that provides children with a great opportunity to read classic literature selections and to develop their reading comprehension skills.

The program will begin in early February and run for 8-10 weeks.  Students will read a short story at home and meet once per week after school until 3:30.  Students typically discuss the story, or participate in a related activity. Each grade will have its own group, supervised by parent volunteers. The child does not need to be a fluent reader to participate, but must be interested and prepared for the session.  Parents may read the selection to their child. In fact, it is recommended that the story be read twice, at least one time aloud.

We are looking for volunteers for grades 1-5. Volunteers will be provided with a teacher book that has lots of fun activities that make it easy to run the sessions. Volunteers can set the day of the week that work best for them. There is little required as a parent volunteer beyond running the sessions. Parents, we can’t run this wonderful program without you!  Please contact Barbara Robbins ( BRobbs75@gmail.com) with any questions as well as to express interest in volunteering. In your email, please include which grade you would like to run (feel red to snag a friend to co-run a grade or alternate sessions) as well as which day you would prefer to run the Jr. Great Books program. Volunteer slots for each grade will be offered on a first come basis, so email expressing your interest ASAP. Once we have volunteers for each grade, a follow up announcement in the Howl will be posted with the schedule for which days of the week grade level will meet starting early February. Thanks in advance!