Committee Chair Name and Contact Info

Position Description Time Commitment 2017-2018 2016-2017 Contact Info 2015-2016
Art Coordinator Work along side Mrs. Cihi and help organize the Art show. All Year (art show one time) Kristi Kistner Kristi Kristner Kristi Kristner
Art in the Classroom – Kindergarten Coordinate volunteers for 4 presentations a year for your grade (each class). 4 Presentations Amy Albert Sarah Neafsy/Eileen Carty/Allison Mortimer
Art in the Classroom – 1st Grade 4 Presentations Sarah Neafsey Jen Ferrando/Hannah Geriak/Michelle Kellner/Michelle McKeown
Art in the Classroom – 2nd Grade 4 Presentations Sarah Neafsey Kourtne Ringger Sarah Dzilinski/Lisa Haughton/Teresa Domnauer
Art in the Classroom – 3rd Grade 4 Presentations Kourtne Ringger Lisa Haughton tracie Valentino/Jen Carozza/Kelly Sullivan/Christy Vitale
Art in the Classroom – 4th Grade 4 Presentations Lisa Haughton Kelly Sullivan Melissa Letsch/Susan Davis-Whatley/Ray/Lakin Shostak
Art in the Classroom 5th Grade 4 Presentations Kelly Sullivan Kristen Lewey Kelly DePiano
Audubon – Kindergarten Coordinate volunteers for your grade (each class). 3x a year Jen Bambach Alison MortimerÂ
Audubon – 1st Grade 3x a year Jen Bambach Alison Mortimer Jen Ferrando/Hannah Geriak/Cindy Smithers/Chrissy Proulx
Audubon – 2nd Grade 3x a year Allison Mortimer Jen Ferrando Sarah Neafsey
BOE Delegate Attend BOE meetings, note information important to HH and report back to President. 1x a month Chris Hein Chris Hein Trudi Durell
Bookfair Plan, organize and run the Bookfair. 1 week (Fall) Meg Carroll Kristy Jelenik Kristy Jelenik
Bookfair Jen DeLillo Jen DiLillo
Bookfair (staff) Clare Stafstrom Clare Stafstrom Clare Stafstrom
Cash Cow Manage all pure fund fundraisers: boxtops, book bin, stop and shop, etc… All year Kristen Kolonaris Tina Mikos Tina Mikos
Celebration Books Organize book donations and plants for all graduationg PTA  board families. 1 Night (June) Andy Antrobus
Celebration Books (staff) Clare Stafstrom Clare Stafstrom Clare Stafstrom
Cultural Enrichment (FAY) Organize and plan al in school guests (author visits, dancers, musicians) along with Mrs. Cretelle, Mrs. Stafstrom, and Mr. Noyes All Year Alison Mortimer Juli Karcsonyi Juli Karcsonyi
Cultural Enrichment (FAY) Alison Mortimer
Cultural Enrichment (staff) Leslie Ford Leslie Ford Leslie Ford
Cultural Enrichment (staff) Clare Stafstrom Clare Stafstrom Clare Stafstrom
Diversity Day (4th grade Parent) Organize, plan and run Diversity day (a day for 4th graders where they learn about people with different disabilities). 1 day (Feb) Christy Vitale Stefanie Richthammer
Diversity Day (3rd Grade Parent) Christy Vitale
DOGS Organize and advertise “dad” volunteers in the school. All Year Rafael Gonzalez Tim Hind Tim Hind
Fall Family Picnic Organize, plan and run the Fall Family Picnic. 1 Night (Sept.) Marissa Vallillo Marissa Vallillo Marissa Vallillo
Fall Family Picnic Jenn Calabrese Jenn Calabrese
Fifth Grade Committee Organize 5th grade fundraisers and activities. All Year Matt & Eileen Carty Marissa Vallillo
Fifth Grade Committee Danielle Panagiotidis
Fifth Grade Committee (staff) Kim Battista Kim Battista Marie Sacco
Game Night (Bingo) Organize Bingo Night 1 Night Amy Geckler Amy Geckler Amy Geckeler
Game Night (International Night-Staff) Organize celebration events that week and International Night 1 Week (Nov.) Veronica Sanford Veronica Sanford
Game Night (International Night) Kerry Hind Sylvie Fortin Sylvie Fortin
Game Night (International Night) Paola Castro Juli Karcsonyi Juli Karcsonyi
Game Night (Math Night – Staff) Lynn Fuchs Lynn Fuchs Lynn Fuchs
Green Team Organize recycling/planting and school ground upkeep All Year Mimi Nulf Mimi Nulf
Harbor Yard Night – Sound Tigers Plan and advertise Harbor Yard Night 1 Night (Winter) Laurie Branscombe Laurie Branscombe Berkeley Murray
Holiday Boutique Shop, plan/organize 3 day gift sale for kids. 3 Days (Dec.) Jen Bambach Jen Bambach Trudi Durell
Holland Hill Heroes Organize all community service, goods collection and volunteer activities for the school. All Year Stefanie Richthammer Open
Holland Hill Heroes (staff) Kim Battista Marie Sacco
Hospitality Plan and shop for and set up food/drinks for 4-5 school events a year. All Year Daphne Fernandes Daphne Fernandes Daphne Fernandes
Howl-O-Ween Dance Organize, plan and run dance. 1 Night (Oct.) Melissa Vallego & Sarah Binderberger Melvin Encarnacion Greylin Vasquez
Jr. Great Books Organize grade level leaders. Advertise and plan sessions. 8 Sessions (Jan) Barbara Robbins Stefanie Richthammer Stefanie Richthammer
Library Coordinator Work with Mrs. Stafstrom to help support the library. All Year Jen Bambach Maria Levine Maria Lavine
Marketing/Advertising Support Committee chairs in advertising events as well as getting info out to the community. Facebook, HOWL, Room Parents and Website. All Year Hannah Geriak Hannah Geriak Sylvie Fortin
Membership Advertise and register members. All Year Assist Treasurer Chrystal Moynahan
Memory Book Advertise, sell, and create Memory Book All Year Kristy Jelenik Kristi Kristner Kristi Kristner
Memory Book Julie Reilly
Mill River – 3rd Grade Organize grade level volunteers to guide Mill River field trip. 1x a Year Jen Ferrando Sarah Neafsey Jen Carozza
Mill River – 4th Grade Sarah Neafsey Jen Carozza Juli Karcsonyi
Mill River – 5th Grade Jen Carozza Juli Karcsonyi Danielle Panagiotidis
Parent Teacher Party Organize, plan and run party. 1x (June) Kelly Sullivan Kelly Sullivan Kelly Sullivan
Parent Teacher Party Laurie Branscombe Sara Grooms Berkeley Murray
PTAC Delegate Attend and report back info from meeting. 1x a Month Tina Mikos Stefanie Richthammer Mireille Bovine
PTAC Delegate (alternate) Chrystal Moynahan Stefanie Richthammer
Sweetheart Dance Organize, plan and run dance. 1x a Year (Feb) Marissa Vallillo Marissa Valillo Marissa Vallillo
Picture Day
Plant Sale Organize, plan and run plant sale. 1 day (May) Julie Tamayo Abigail Zandri Abigail Zandri
Readathon Organize week long activities to encourage HH students to read. 1 week (March) Mary Lupo Mary Lupo Lisa Fiorillo
Readathon Lisa Gonzalez Lisa Gonzalez Mary Lupo
Readathon (staff) Clare Stafstrom Clare Stafstrom Clare Stafstrom
Reflections Organize and collect Reflection projects. Org. judging of projects. Org. awards ceremony. 3 weeks (Mar) Anne Marie Scali
Reflections (staff) Helen Cihi Helen Cihi Helen Cihi
Road Race Organize, plan and run race on day of Spring Fair 1x (May) Eileen Carty Eileen Carty Eileen Carty
School Spirit Wear Order and sell spirit wear Sara Grooms Sara Grooms Sara Grooms
School Store shop for and run school store 1x a month Mary Lupo Mary Lupo Berkeley Murray
Seeds of Enrichment Organize and advertise activties. 3x a year Mary Lupo Barbara Robbins Sarah White
Seeds of Enrichment Abby Zandri
SEPTA Delegate Attend meetings and report back. 1x a month Christy Vitale Christy Vitale
Square 1 Art Nicole Manno Kristi Kristner Mereille Bovine
Staff Appreciation Jenn Calabrese Jenn Calabrese Sylvie Fortin
Talent Show Colleen Cooney Colleen Cooney
Talent Show Sylvie Fortin Sylvie Fortin
Technology Liaison Marissa Vallillo
Technology Liaison (staff)
Website Run website All year Ken Geriak Ken Geriak
Welcome Committee Communicate with new families about PTA membership, communication and activities. Plan social events. All year Lisa Gonzalez Wendy Papageorge Robyn Bilotta
Veterans Day Prepare and set up coffee and breakfast for veterans. 1 day (Nov) Daphne Fernandes Daphne Fernandes