School Info

105 Meadowcroft Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Main number 255-8314
Absentee reporting number 255-8412
Fax number 255-8202
School cancellations 255-TALK (255-8255)

The school day throughout the year is as follows:

  • 8:00AM first bell  ( Children will not be allowed inside school until 8am)
  • 8:10AM second bell, children must be in the classrooms

Grades K to 5, 8:10AM – 2:45PM

Delayed Opening, All Grades: 10:10 AM

Early Dismissal, All Grades: 12:50PM

The decision to close school at 12:50PM due to inclement weather or an emergency is made no later than 11:00AM. For announcements of school cancellations, delayed openings or early dismissals, listen to radio stations WICC (600 AM), WEZN (99.9 FM), or call 255-TALK (255-8255).

If your child is to be absent from school, please follow the following procedure:

Call the absentee reporting number 255-8412 between 3:30PM the previous day and before 9:00AM on the morning of the absence.  When the tape directs you to do so, please state your child’s name, child’s teacher, and the reason for absence. The school will then cross check with the classrooms attendance lists and phone any family who has not called in to report an absence.

Please send a note to your child’s teacher explaining the absence upon your child’s return to school.

Parents are urged to leave their children in school all day. Doctors or other appointments should be scheduled outside school hours and on school holidays whenever possible. If a child needs to be dismissed early, he/she should bring a note to his/her teacher stating the time and reason. Parents must sign the child out of school in the office.

If your child is entitled to bus transportation, it would be helpful if you had your child at the bus stop a few minutes earlier than the designated time listed. Please also take a few moments to review the general rules of bus behavior and safety with your child. It is the policy that only assigned bus riders may take the bus and that switching buses is not allowed. Bus riders must bring a note in order to walk home. The above procedure helps to ensure that we know where the children are in case of an emergency.
No student should be dropped off in the parking lot, please use the drop off loop.
Please give yourself time and drop off between 7:50AM and 8:00AM.
Drop off is near the flagpole, beyond the parking lot.
Drop off is drop off – parents should stay in their car. Please have your child exit your car as quickly and safely as possible on the sidewalk side of the car.
Supervision is provided from the curb to the classrooms.
All children arriving before 8:10AM are to enter the building through the gym doors near the flagpole.
Any student arriving after 8:10AM is considered late and should use the main entrance where they will need to ring the bell to enter the building.
All pick-ups at the close of school are to be made at the flagpole area.
When parking in the rear entrance of the building, please observe all parking rules, the no-parking signs and use extreme caution! You are urged to use the drop-off/pick-up area and leave the rear entrance for walkers.
Please note that fire lanes and no parking signs must be observed at all time as per order of the Fairfield Police Department. There is no parking in front of the building at any time. Please use the designated crosswalks. Also, please note that vehicle entrance to the school grounds in from Jeniford Road, not High Street. For the children’s safety, please obey the school bus signals at all times. Use the parking lot only if you need to enter the building. No parking is allowed on Meadowcroft Road.
Located in the school office is a Community Binder. This Binder contains information regarding child care providers and is available to those looking for child care. If you would like to list a childcare service or are in need of childcare, please ask one of the secretaries in the office to see the Binder.
Holland Hill School is one of a few schools in Fairfield that has a pilot security program in place. All of the exterior doors are locked during the hours that school is in session (from 8:10AM to 2:45PM). We welcome parents and other visitors to our school. However, safety and good order must be our guide. Please observe the following:
When visiting the building during the school day, please use the doorbell and announce yourself through the security system.
Sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass before traveling in the building.
Do not accompany your children down the halls or into the classrooms.
Leave all forgotten lunches, or other material for the children at the office.
Sorry, dogs are not allowed on school property. For the safety and comfort of the children, please refrain from bringing your pets to school.


Recess is before lunch

Grade 5   10:55-11:15

Grade 4    11:15-11:35

Grade 1   11:25-11:45

Kindergarten   11:35-11:55

Grade 3   11:45-12:05

Grade 2   12:10-12:30

How do I pre-pay for meals?
There are three ways to put money onto your child’s account:
  1. You may set up an account through and pre-pay whatever dollar amount you choose using a debit or credit card.  (There is a first-time minimum deposit of $20.)  You will be charged a $2.00 convenience fee for using your debit or credit card or $2.00 per check for using your checking account.   These charges cover the cost of bank fees. (The school district does not earn any income from these fees.)
  2. You may call Mealpay’s toll free number at 1-866-875-6833 and pre-pay by check, credit or debit card over the telephone. Again, you will be charged a $2.00 convenience fee for using your debit or credit card or $2.00 per check for using your checking account.   These charges cover the cost of bank fees.  (The school district does not earn any income from these fees.)
  3. You may send in a check to the Cafeteria Manager.   The Cafeteria Manager will enter your check amount into your child’s account.  Checks should be made payable to Fairfield School Lunch. (There is no fee for this method of payment.)  Please put your child’s name and student identification number on the check

Please note: If you choose to pre-pay through Mealpay, you will be given the option of putting money into either a Meal Account or a General Account.  The Meal Account will only allow a student to purchase the meal that is posted on the menu.  If your child purchases a la carte items (ex. drinks, snacks, deli bar, etc.), we recommend you put your money into the General Account.

How do I know the balance in my child’s account?
You can check your child’s account balance by registering your child on   There is no cost to do this. You simply log onto and follow the instructions for registering your child.  (You will need their student identification number to do this.  You can obtain your child’s student identification number by calling your school office.)  Registering your child on Mealpay does not mean that you have to pay through Mealpay, however, it allows you to view a balance at any time on-line and also receive e-mail reminders when his/her account balance goes below a certain amount.
What happens if my child doesn’t have any money in his/her account and wants to buy lunch?
If a child’s account balance is zero, they will have to pay cash for meals until their account is replenished. Students can contact their parents who can immediately make a payment through  It takes approximately 15 minutes for the transaction to file down to our computer system. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGING OF LUNCHES.
What if my child receives free or reduced price meals?
If they receive free meals, there is no charge to their account.  Students who receive reduced price meals, must have money on their account or pay cash.  The cost of reduced lunch is $.40 per day.  When your child comes through the lunch line he/she simply enters their student identification number into the key pad.  Your child’s name/picture appears on the computer screen located at the end of the lunch line.  The new computer system is confidentially coded indicating whether they receive free or reduced priced meals.  The cashier rings up your child’s meal purchases, the cost, if any, is deducted from their account or he/she pays cash and off they go.
Can I view what my child has purchased for lunch?
Yes, beginning with this school year parents can log onto and view what their child purchased for lunch.  (You must register your child on before using the Purchase History feature.)  Once you register your child on Mealpayplus, click on the item called Purchase History.  You select the student’s name and a date range and the purchase information will appear.
Do I need to use all the money in my child’s account this school year?
No.  Any money left in your child’s account at the end of this school year will carry over to the next school year.
If you have any questions regarding the lunch payment system, please call the Food Services Department at 255-8370.